GNOME Shell It is!!

It’s been a while since my last post, I was busy with my university exams and didn’t get much time to work on my GSoC project. But during whatever time I got I tried to get myself familiar with GNOME Shell coding style and get a hang of the way it works, since GNOME Shell is the main module I will be working with in this project. But things weren’t as simple as I initially thought them to be. It has been a struggle trying to find out some structured documentation for GNOME Shell code-base mainly the JavaScript part.

After a lot of searching I realized that although nothing much directly related to JavaScript is available but it’s not a complete blackout, there are some ways and materials available which can provide a pretty good understanding when put together. So here I would like to mention my findings, it might not be a complete list but I would try to cover most of the things that I found:

Then next is GNOME Wiki which also contains a lot of information.

It’s the GNOME Wiki for GNOME Shell, each link inside that is worth a visit but some of the most important one’s are:

So after going through all these documents I was able to gain a pretty good idea of the mapping between the libraries written in C and used from JavaScript in GNOME Shell. These documents provided me a great deal of information and helped in a lot in understanding GNOME Shell’s JavaScript binding better.

If you have some more information or link related to this context please drop a comment. 🙂


First Step

On 27th April, 2015 with the announcement of selected students for GSoC 2015, my upcoming adventurous summer was set to begin.

imageedit_4_5837136942Here by writing this post as my First Step, I embark on this super exciting journey. I am sure it’s going to be a lot of fun and learning experience for me.

GNOME_logoAlthough I always wanted to start my blog but I never envisioned myself as a writer until now so always kept it for tomorrow, now I am glad that the day has finally come.

I have been selected to work on a project on GNOME in Google Summer of Code 2015, popularly known as GSoC 2015. My work would be related to a design which was part of the plan but has not yet been fully implemented. In the new design, major changes were made on how the notifications and events are displayed to the user, part of which was to add Birthday Reminders & Weather Information in Time & Date drop-down but is yet to be implemented and that’s what I would be doing this summer.

I would do this project under the mentor-ship of Florian Müllner, who also helped me a lot during proposal submission period. I would really like to thank him along with Google and GNOME for providing me this wonderful opportunity.

Really excited about this summer…..